Thursday, February 9, 2012

"You like that daddy?"


No, the title of this post isn't a line from a dirty movie. It's something Chad has been saying for the past 5 years in this high pitched Spanish accent, mostly to my BFF Melis. And mostly because she's the only one that laughs at it every time he says it. :)

Anywayyyy........Chad is now aware that he'll be a daddy in 9 months. And he likes that. (You get the play on words there?? You like that daddy...Chad liking that he is going to be a daddy... Oh man, sometimes I'm just too much for myself. I digress....)

Sometime in August I was at a wine and art festival in Mountain View with a friend. There were lots of vendor booths and a little onesie caught my eye. I bought it knowing Chad and I were planning to start a family soon enough or if nothing else it would make a cute gift for someone who was expecting. Not sure why but I never told Chad (or anyone else) that I bought it at the time....and it ended up coming in handy last night when deciding how to tell him I was knockered up. I stopped by Target on my way home from work, picked up "What To Expect When You're Expecting" for myself and a candy bar for Chad. He didn't get home until 6ish so I made myself busy by wrapping Christmas presents in the meantime. I made a quick change on his candy bar and I decided to wrap it it would seem like an early Christmas present. Which it pretty much is. :)

His early Christmas present

What was inside the box. :)

When he finally got home I could barely say hello and act semi interested in how his day was before I was trying to be cool about saying I had an early present for him. He picked up his box on the couch and said, "Well, we aren't planning to do much for each other for Christmas so maybe I should just wait." I insisted that he "shouldn't was just a little something and not a big know me, I just like to wrap things." (Later on I found out he was expecting it was something golf related because he is golfing at a really nice course for work on Friday.) So he opens it up and holds up the onesie and looks at the candy....and then just looks at me with the most confused look on his face. Kind of like, "What in the hell am I supposed to do with this?" Apparently the baby attire and the "Baby Johansen" candy bar weren't big enough clues. :) I just say, "Sooooo.......I'm pregnant." Then he gets what's going on, throws the box across the room and gives me the biggest smile and hug I think I've ever seen. We laughed and cried and he kept saying "are you sure?" "what?" "when?" "are you sure?" It was a memory I will keep forever. :)

After talking for a while we decided making dinner ourselves was way too much work so we went out for Italian. While we were driving there Chad says, "I feel so weird driving right I have to be extra cautious and stuff..." I laugh and say "I know I felt like that this morning too. We'll never get home from the hospital with a baby in our's going to take us 4 hours to drive 3 miles."

I love my Baby Daddy.

Baby Momma


mproebsting said...

Such a cute idea! Men. They're so slow. And in response to your post on my blog... you're totally having a boy. I've realized, you get whatever you don't think you can handle, but hey, it's more fun that way :)

Brittany said...

Awww! What an awesome memory for your new little family!

Melissa said...

Tears! So cute! and exciting! and I can't wait to meet baby J!!! :)

mhood said...

So I realize I'm going to look like a creeper for commenting on a blog you wrote a few months ago, but I must! I just love the picture of your husband holding up the onesie and candy bar. You can just telled how truly happy he is. Congrats =)

mhood said...