Thursday, February 16, 2012

15 weeks.


Happy Love Day!!

15 weeks! I think something happened overnight...the past few days have been the first I actually "feel" pregnant.

Today was by far my favorite Valentine's Day ever. Chad and I never really get crazy or do much on Valentine's but this one was just perfect. He made me french toast and bacon for breakfast and I opened his really sweet lovey card that said all the right things and he opened my card.....
Nothing says romance like prison talk. Inside I drew a shank and inscribed "B <3's C" on it.
It's easy to see why I married him when you taste his breakfast cookin.
As if that wasn't enough...he also bought me the new Coldplay cd I've been wanting (yes, people still buy cds...) and is taking me swimsuit shopping before our trip to the Dominican that's coming up! {Sidenote: My cousin Lacey is getting married in the DR and we're meeting the whole family there!!! Sooooo excited.} He also made dinner reservations at a cute little Italian place. He did good...real good. Don't laugh when I tell you what I got for him because he loved it. :) A wireless mouse, white undershirts, and a board game. The first 2 were pretty practical things...but he's a practical guy (and he needed them) so of course it was right up his alley. The game is Settlers of Catan and something he's been wanting since we moved from Colorado. A friend had it out there and it's a fun strategy game that can sometimes take hours to play. It's a 3-4 person game though and he was so excited to play it last night he suggested we kidnap a couple off the street on our way home from dinner and force them to play with us. But we were too full and I had my pants unbuttoned and unzipped to give the nugget some space and I didn't want the unsuspecting couple to get the wrong idea.

So it sounds like a decent VDay right? Well what actually made this the best Love Day ever was going to my doctor appointment together and getting to hear our little Valentine's heart. We both were holding our breath and trying not to panic when it took the doc a little longer than expected to find it....but when she did it was loud and strong. 151 beats per minute. The first time we heard it about a month ago it was really hard to hear over the loud thumps of my heart....but this time the heartbeat was all baby. :)

I was shocked to find out that I lost another 3 pounds since my last appointment...totally -6 pounds during pregnancy so far. Doc wasn't too worried about it though since I'm feeling better and eating more in the past week or two and told me she expects numbers to start going up here on out. Which really shouldn't be a problem considering we'll be at an all-inclusive resort for 4 days with food and fruity drinks (sans alcohol) at my beck and call. Anyway, she says everything is healthy in there so I'm trying not to worry too much about the numbers going down for now. She said my next appointment would entail "the exciting anatomy ultrasound".....  Chad and I are set on leaving it a surprise until baby's birthday...but hearing we could find out in just 3 weeks who's in there?? Well, that's very tempting. WILL POWER!!!!

Baby Momma

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Brittany said...

Just find out the gender....please?! Please?! PLEASE?!?!?The element of surprise is wonderful...but the alternative is incredible too! *end begging* ;)