Monday, July 30, 2012

36 weeks - July Fun!

36 Weeks! (July 8th)
Yep, bump is still there.

Pictures from some fun stuff we've done in the month of July!

Chad got to throw out the first pitch for a work event at a San Jose Giants game! 
Watching the game.
Picnic with the family at our favorite winery. :)

Cash and Grandma Connie

It was so fun having some of my family and Chad's family visiting us at the same time. :)

Zo, the tree climber. 

Autumn was so cute with my belly....she kept giving "her baby cousin hugs and kisses." :)

Tracy and me the day of the baby shower.
MeMe and me before the shower.
The cake Momma and I made for the 4th of July. 

Summer fruit in California is amazing and super cheap!! So spoiled to it out here.

This picture makes my mouth water.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

35 weeks - Cali Baby Shower

"You seein this? I think there's really something in there!"
35 Weeks!
(July 1st)
I mentioned in a previous post about the awesome baby showers that were thrown for me and sweet Baby J. Here are pictures and captions from Super Awesome Baby Shower #2 that my sister-in-law Donna put together in her backyard on June 30th!

Me and the baby daddy before the shower.

The fellas got together during the shower and went to a local Beer and BBQ festival.

The only suggestion I made to Donna about what I wanted for the shower was something a little "girly" like a tea party. I'm not much of a girly girl so I thought it would be fun. And it definitely went above and beyond what I expected!

Jacket and purse holders.

Party favors - Ice cream cones filled with taffy

"A little more sweetness due August 2012" :)

Drink station

For the shower game...a baby facts quiz and the questions were not easy!

Onesie making station!

Onesie making supplies

Look at all these cute onesies Baby J got!

"Business in the front"

"Poopie in the back!"

Lots of really cute and creative onesies!

My nieces and their sweet friend working on onesies. They were also our gracious waitresses for lunch. :)

The backyard set up for lunch.

How adorable is this table? Decorated with paper planes and dolls.

Look at all those gifts! This Momma sure is lucky!

Oh how I LOVE the bassinet Donna gave me. Her grandfather made it years ago and about 7 babies have used it since then. She refinished it and put a few personal touches on it for Baby J. Since we have an owl theme in the baby's room...she made this adorable owl for the front of the bassinet. 

Don't these little owl hats hurt your heart they're so cute? Donna's mom Robyn made them for the baby. The writing on the back of the bassinet says - "The sun is shining bright," Owl said, "time to go home and go to bed!"

It really was a hen party...Donna has a few chickens in her backyard. :)

Adorable chicken coop made from my nieces' old play house.

My friend Kristin and my sister in law Rachel 

Rachel is pregnant with my niece...whatta cute necklace! 




AWESOME three course lunch, made by Donna and served by my nieces. Beet salad first....

Chicken, potato dish, and corn bread....

Personal fruit cobbler for dessert..... It was all SO good!

Opening presents. PS. Check out my precious little nephew over there on the left. :)

My friend Maria made the most awesome scrapbook ever. It's completely finished, the only thing I have to do is add pictures for everything! It starts with pages during my pregnancy, getting the room ready, baby showers, and goes all the way through each holiday and happenings to baby's first birthday! I'm SO excited about this because I love scrapbooks but would never actually make one for myself or ever make it as awesome and creative as Maria did!

My nephew Cash, the big man at the shower hangin' out with all the ladies.  :)

Hehe...isn't he sweet? I wonder if he'll have a little boy cousin or girl cousin to run around with?? :)

The hostess with the mostest. Thank you so much Donna, it was a great day!

All of the Johansen/Gillette grandchildren together. Complete with 4 kids and 2 bellies. :)