Tuesday, July 3, 2012

30 Weeks - Maternity Pictures

30 weeks! 
(May 27th)

In an attempt to catch up on my weeks and the fact that I have so many pictures that this blog will be long enough on its own.......I'm keeping my words to a minimum here and instead posting a bunch of my favorite maternity pictures we took during 29-30 weeks. My sister Amy is super awesome, real creative, (and has a really nice camera) and took all these pictures for us while we were in Missouri. I can't wait to see the pictures she takes some day of our little nug-face. :)

Would you believe me if I told you we took so many that I didn't even post ALL of them below? Good thing I got a pretty good discount with the photographer! :)
Some of my favorites of the favorites I made bigger.........

We have wedding pictures taken in this same exact spot at my parents' house just 2 years ago.... :)

Dear baby in my belly,
It's okay with me if you have the adorable dimple on your cheek like your daddy has. It melts my heart. :)
Your Mommy

Sitting in my favorite chair on the porch. :)

Cali needed some camera time too. 

See the carve out in the wood? It says 'C+B 6-12-10' Chad did that the morning of our wedding day since we were supposed to get married on that exact spot. Turns out mother nature had a better idea and we ended up getting married in my dad's barn but it was all perfect just the same. :) I still love seeing this carved on the bridge.

I really love this picture but I made it big so I could point out to you the large vein protruding from my forehead. :) You can't really tell but the bridge is at a downward angle here so all the blood (and apparently you have an extra amount of it when your pregnant!) was rushing to my head. I kinda felt like I was gonna pass out while taking this picture so it didn't last long. But I can't help but wonder....Does that little vein pop out when I'm angry? Will Baby Jo see that vein some day as a sign to stop what he's doing and get his act together before Momma freaks out? 

Chad was fishing with Tracy and Ashley in between pictures.....caught one!

I've had a thing for four leaf clovers for as long as I can remember.  Ever since I was little I've been able to find them everywhere. When I'm looking for them and when I'm just walking along and happen to look down and spot one. My MaMa told me once that her mom was the same way. (Is that a gene you can inherit?) Anyway, my mom planted a bunch of four leaf clovers around the lake where we were supposed to get married. 2 years now and they're still there and growing!

Lucky clovers. :) And I think this baby will be pretty lucky too....surrounded by so much love.

Oh I just love these pictures we took with my MaMa and PaPa. They came to the house while we were taking pictures to water PaPa's tomato plants (he's working on growing the biggest one in the church competition.)

This picture makes so so happy I can't even explain it.

They're so sweet to their great grandbaby already. :)

The coolest great grandparents this side of the Mississippi. Love these two.

Ahhh! Bare belly shot! I love the necklace my BF Melis got for me. (Somewhere on Etsy I believe?) It's a magnetic locket that says "mama" and has a "J" and both Chad and my birthstones in it. Once we find out if baby will have a July or August birthdate...we'll get that one too. :)
Disclaimers: I feel like Amy photoshopped my belly because my LN seems much darker when I look at it in the mirror and you can't see the one that goes up the top of my belly in this picture either. You also can't see the lovely mark above my "used to be pierced before I got pregnant and took it out" belly button because the necklace is strategically hiding it. And lastly, yes these are my regular jeans....no, I never wear them buttoned except in this picture....no, I hadn't bought maternity jeans before we took these pictures but I did the very next day....yes, I had to have some help getting them buttoned....no, I could not breathe while they were buttoned for the whole 10 seconds I had them that way. :)

Cali got a picture so Summer had to have one too. :)

Dear baby in my belly,
I'm so sorry in advance that your parents are so embarrassing. I absolutely love taking awkward family photos and I'm REAL excited about having a third person being involved in those. I can't wait for this year's Christmas card...it will be so much more fun with you in it!
Love Always,
Your Super Awkward Mom

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