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31 Weeks - Missouri Baby Shower

31 weeks
(June 3rd)

I've now had the two baby showers that were planned before Baby J's arrival. And let me just tell you...they were seriously awesome. Both of them were like something out of a magazine. Something that comes up when you Google "most awesomest baby showers in the history of the world." For sure pinned and re-pinned on Pinterest.

Here are pictures of the Missouri baby shower...thrown by my sisters Tracy and Amy and bf Melis. It was an owl and Harry Potter theme with a little bit of Dr. Seuss thrown in....some of my favorite things!!

The "guest book" Oh The Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss. Everyone was asked to write a note to the baby and suggested we keep this book going over the years asking "baby's" teachers to write a note at the end of each year and give it to him/her at high school graduation. (You know, in 2030!) LOVE this idea. Also - instead of bringing a card to the shower, everyone was asked to bring a book, new or used. Needless to has quite the library collection now! 

Canvas my oh so artsy sister Amy made. I love it. :) It's the EXACT colors we're using in the baby's room and is now hanging on the wall in there. 

Checking out the table after I got there.

It's hard to see but the sign above the table says "Platform 29 3/4 Weeks" Which is the week I was on during the shower and duh...a Harry Potter reference. :)

I LOVE cookie cake from the Great American Cookie Company. And apparently so does everyone else because this big thing went quick!

"The Wonderful Wizarding World of Brooke's Cravings" They asked me while planning the shower for a list of things I've craved throughout my pregnancy. All of course labeled in Harry Potter theme. Seriously clever.

Is the "Sleeping Muggle" not the funniest/cutest thing you've ever seen? I laughed at the "fruit baby" every time I passed this table. 

"Slytherin Spears" (pickles) and "Levitating Popcorn Balls" with M&Ms because who can eat popcorn without M&Ms?

Build your own fruit pizza cookie....yummmm
"Butter Beer" (Blue Moon) Alright fine, I'll admit it. One of my BIGGEST and most consistent pregnancy cravings has been for a Blue Moon on draft with an orange slice squeezed in it. OH MAN it sounds so refreshing and good. It's probably one of those cravings I've had just because I know I can't satisfy it but it has definitely stuck with me throughout the entire pregnancy. Alright fine, I've had like 2 sips of one when I asked Chad to order it at a restaurant. If Chad knows what's good for him, he'll be getting me an ice cold Blue Moon with an orange slice soon after the birth of our little butterball. :)

"Nimbus 3000's" Remember back in the 1st trimester when McDonald's fries (or anything else salty for that matter) were my best friends? :)

"Baby J Juice" was some yummy (alcohol free) juice.  There's some wine (with owl labels of course) in the blue bucket. Not pictured - fruit smoothies and chocolate shakes (also cravings of mine!)  I got to drink out of that gigantor "Momma Jo" cup you see pictured on the left. It's actually a cup/pourer to use when bathing the baby! Everyone else drank from bottles and sippy cups that I also got to keep after the shower. 

My cute MaMa enjoying a sippy cup beverage. :)

"Gilly weed" was Laffy Taffy (a consistent craving) and the middle bucket with the cute sucker looking things are actually 2 bath cloths rolled together, taped on a baby spoon (for the sucker "stick"), put in plastic wrap, and tied with a bow. So cute and clever! And how cute are those little sandals? I can't handle how tiny they are. 

Posing with the sleeping muggle and other goodies. :)

Momma Jo

"Ron's Ravs" Ah yes, my favorite craving....toasted raviolis.

Da ladies.

One of my college roommates, Nicole and her little man Hampton. 

Awesome quilt made by Sheri, my friend Jeremy's mom. This was her first baby quilt and she did an amazing job! She also made one for us for our wedding which we have on our guest bed. :)

Isn't this sleep sack ridiculous? My cousin Kim got it for the baby and I can't wait to snuggle with the little nugget in there.

Super awesome blanket Melis and Rachel gave the baby. They didn't know it but the green in the blanket matches perfectly to the chair I got for the baby's room and it looks SO cute on it!

"H8 Luzn"...most people who know my family get this reference. The onsie on my chest has a peace sign on it and says "I'm out"

Oh Rachel...she LOVES beef jerky. I HATE it. She has decided the baby loves it just as much as she does.

"You & me goin' fishin' in the dark" :)

Blanket my cousin Missy made. Lots of talented ladies at my shower, huh?

Hampton saying "hi" to the baby. Right after this picture was taken I asked if he could feel the baby and he proceeded to (try) to lift up my dress to find the hidden baby. It was hilarious.

Auntie Tracy and Auntie Amy with their favorite "niecephew" :)

Baby with Aunt Betty and Maxine, my twin aunts. Yes, they dress alike all the time and yes they are the cutest things ever. 

This kid is seriously gonna have some of the coolest aunties in the world. 3 friends from college on the right and Colorado friend Lesley on the left.

Oh how I miss you, friend! This little lady surprised me by showing up to the shower....came about 800 miles from Colorado to be there!! So glad she could make it and it really meant a lot to me!! I cried a little when I saw her. :) I just love you Les.

As you can other friends have taken a liking to her as well. Don't mind the two raptors you see in the picture.

Me and Auntie Rach. She is also serving as my midwife. :)

Me with cousins Christina, Missy, and Stephanie. "Pickle" is just gonna love them. :)

Auntie Melis, she will also serve as baby's hairdresser. :) Thanks for throwing the shower Melis! Me and baby love you long time.
Auntie Ashley, member and professional consultant to the birthing team. :)

Me and Momma or baby's MeMe I should say. :)

Thanks for throwing such a great shower Amos! All those hours clocked in on Pinterest really paid off because everything was perfect! Little nug loves you and the special songs you sing to him/her so much already. :)

Thanks for throwing such a great shower Trac! I loved everything about it and so appreciate all the hard work you guys put into it. Your little "niece" is crazy about you already and has really enjoyed the "talks" you guys have had. :)

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