Thursday, July 12, 2012

33 weeks - Kicks and Hiccups

33 weeks!
(June 17th)

I realize I'm a first timer and this is the only pregnancy I've ever known, but since the beginning I've felt like baby is SUPER active. Ever since I felt the first flutter at 16 weeks....this kid has. not. stopped. Chad felt the first movement on the outside the week after that (or maybe week 18?) and even he has probably felt something every day since then. I'm starting to get a little nervous about what that may mean for our little nug once he (boy today) is out in this world. Will he ever sleep? Will he kick and punch and roll even in his sleep? Will he grow like a weed and never stop moving? Speaking of moving...when he starts walking/crawling, how will I ever keep up? How many grey hairs will he give me in the next year?

Some days already completely wear me out. I usually wake up feeling pretty good in the mornings and have lots of energy until around the end of the work day, about 4pm. By then I'm feeling a little achy from sitting at my desk all day (yes, I do get up and stretch my legs and take breaks) but I still have some energy and I'm usually very excited to get home and change clothes. Or change clothes and go to yoga and get some stretching and exercising out that way. In fact, as long as it involves getting out of my work clothes I'm good. But then we eat dinner, I'm full, baby is full of crazy energy and pounding my internal organs like no other. And after literally getting beat up from the inside all day, my body has kind of had enough by this point and is sore and just wants to relax. Oh how this kid hates to relax and sit still! These are really the only times that the kicks and punches actually hurt and I may or may not plead with him to please lay still for a minute so I don't barf our dinner all over the couch. Sometimes I moan and whine to Chad (or most recently Momma and Tracy when they spent the week here). One night me and the baby even got to gross Auntie Tracy out quite a bit when she had her hand on my belly and she felt a whole leg go across it and then a foot poke out on my side. She had to pull her hand away because it gave her the chills and kind of made her wanna gag. That was fun. But seriously, I very much enjoyed that.

I may make it sound like I'm complaining about all of this movement, so I should backtrack here. I absolutely love it. Chad likes to remind me of this when I'm moaning and whining around about a foot jabbing me in my right side (ALWAYSSSS my right side...that's where his feet like to hang out). "Don't act like you don't love it," he says. Because I do. I think this kid knows me so well already that he knew I would freak out that something was wrong if I wasn't constantly feeling movement in there. I haven't had one moment that I've considered calling the doctor because I'm not feeling enough. Books and online articles will tell you around 28 weeks you should monitor "kick counts," making sure you feel at least 10 movements an hour during baby's active time. Because I feel so much going on in there throughout the whole day, I've never once even thought about counting. (Knock on wood for that continuing!) So thank you for that little baby...I really appreciate you movin' and shakin' so much for your momma. :)

Speaking of shaking.....let's talk about the hiccups. Oh boyyyy does baby get the hiccups! If I had to give it an average...I probably feel the baby with hiccups about 5 times a day. It's pretty cute and I can't even see him with them yet. Even though my books tell me that hiccups don't bother a baby in the womb or even a baby outside of the womb....I have a feeling this one isn't a huge fan. Hiccups in there usually lead to a lot of movement. I imagine in my head that they annoy him more than anything because he gets them so much so he has to move around and adjust himself to get comfortable. I'm interested to see if the baby gets them as much on the outside as he did on the inside!

Now I leave you with a couple of fun things! Starting at 33 weeks Chad and I started doing a frontal prego belly pic. Mostly because we took the one below, freaked out at how crazy it looked, then thought it was fun to see how it's changing each week. I look at those pictures and think...seriously? How is it possible my belly looks like that? I know I see myself in a mirror every day but to see it in a picture is somehow different. And it makes me giggle. Because I'm really real life pregnant and that's just silly. Silly awesome.

33 week frontal. Whoa. Just whoa.
Remember those hiccups I was telling you about? Here is a little video I took one day of them. Can't you just imagine a sweet little baby making tiny little hiccup noises every time you see my belly jump? :)

And one more video I took today (July 12th - so at 36 weeks). Don't be confused by the background noise...I was at work at the time and a coworker was on a conference call speaking Hebrew. 

It gets really exciting around the :30 second mark. :) Enjoy!

We're getting so close to meeting you Baby J! Your mommy and daddy love you SO much and are SO proud of all that growing you're doing in there!!
Baby Momma


Brittany said...

Brooke. Your belly is UH-dorable. That frontal definitely shows you're alllllllllll baby. so, so cute.

S said...

So funny you mention hiccups! When I was pregnant my little guy got the hiccups all the time, and then when he got them outside of the womb, they "looked" exactly how they felt when he was on the inside. It's super cute, still at 18 months he still gets those hiccups and I always think back to when he was inside me and how much I loved those hiccups moments! Even though I'm sure he didn't like them. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

Brooke said...

Awww...I can't wait to see them on the outside too!!