Friday, September 30, 2011


Chad and I added to our family a couple of weeks ago with the addition of these three 'beauts.

This is Slippy-Slappy, Swimmin' Swanson, and Samsonite. (Did you guess that my favorite movie is Dumb and Dumber?) Sorry I couldn't get my children to sit still long enough for a good know how kids are...

I'm happy to report that we've been able to keep them alive for a whole 2 weeks now. And we were even gone for 3 days this weekend! Chad and I affectionately call them our "babies." Slippy-Slappy is a huge bully to his brothers and Chad had to threaten to take away a privilege (his favorite tank rock) last week to get him to straighten up. He will chase and bite the other 2 if they try to swim near the top of the tank...that's his spot. Samsonite is the "different" looking fish of the group and definitely gets picked on the most. Sometimes they don't let him near the top during feeding time and he has to wait for the sinkers to float down. :( Poor guy. I think I should get another one that looks like him and maybe they'll stop being so mean to him.

Fish are the only things Chad and I have parented together, although if it were only up to Chad.....we might have 5 kids, 7 dogs, a parakeet, and 2 hamsters by now. We haven't actually lived in a place together that the lease allows a cat or dog. And I've managed to hold him off on the kid thing by telling him they aren't allowed on the lease either. Just kidding...if you know Chad you know that of course he reads EVERYTHING before he signs his name to a document. Even the small print. I'm exhausted just thinking about reading all that.

But these fishies aren't our first together. When we lived in Colorado we had 3 fish.....Ku-Ku, Ka-Choo, and Sparta. I loved introducing these fish to people because someone would ask their names and I would say "That one is is Ku-Ku, and this one is Ka-Choo." After a pause, they'd ask..."What about the other one? What's his name?" Then I would scream "THIS.....IS SPAAAARRRRRTTTTAA!!!!" in an overly dramatic fashion. I guess it's kind of appropriate since they ended up dying in what I can only assume was a horrible fiery death. The light in their tank malfunctioned and they basically roasted in there. Sometimes when I'm in a dark room I feel like I can hear their little fins flapping and their pain-ridden fish screams. I still feel awful about that. Please don't share that story with our current fish babies.

In college my roommate (soul sister/bff/life partner/etc) Rachel and I kept a fish alive for like a whole 2 years. (Yeah, in a dorm room and everything...we barely kept ourselves alive in there, this is quite a feat.) His name was Master. He was a Beta fish. I'll give you a minute while you catch up with the rest of us on his name........ (Can't take credit for the naming of that one...that was all Rachel. Which further explains why I love her.)

Our friend Dooley (yes she has a real name, but no one knows it) also had a fish in the adjoining dorm room and Rachel and I came home one day to find it floating at the top of the bowl. We didn't want to see Dooley sad (and also because she likes to punch people when she's sad) so we decided we should go get her another one and she'd "never even notice the difference." Only problem with that plan was the fish we bought was completely different. We knew she had probably noticed when she came into our room and said "What did you f*%&# do with my fish?" I don't know why she looked in our closet (and I really don't know why we kept it in there) but she found her floating dead fish. Then it looked more like a homicide cover-up then it did a couple of girls trying to cheer up a friend after her fish had passed on its own without the assistance of anyone but Mother Nature. Dooley probably punched us at the time...but after all that's how you knew she appreciated you. :)

Here's to hoping we can keep these fish alive long enough to talk about them in another post. Because I know all of you are dying to read more about my fish.......  :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Who is the Biggest Loser...?

Is it okay that my favorite way to watch Biggest Loser on my DVR is with snacks and a beer on the couch? Oh, and I cry at least once.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Where is Friendship Lane?

I really wish I could tell you. Ideally....Friendship Lane is the street I live on with all my favorite people. My friends from college and I have always talked about this magical place that we would some day live. We would live on that magical Lane and grow our families there. We would have backyard BBQs, drink sweet tea in our rocking chairs on the front porch while watching storms blow in, talk out our life problems while drinking too much wine, debate over who is the better wizard - Dumbledore or Snape, join an all women's slow pitch league and win national titles, go streaking every now and then just to prove we still can, tell the same stories over and over again and make new ones, and watch our kids grow up and marry each other so we're officially family forever. Perhaps our toilets would be made of gold too.

You can see why this is a very hard place to find.

You see Friendship Lane is really just a state of mind. Although we may never actually live on that extremely unrealistic blissfull lane, we will always be friends. And if it's one thing I've learned about friends in the last 5's that you don't need to talk to them or see them every day or even once a month to have a connection with them. The good friendships...and I'm talking about the really really good ones here...will pick up exactly where you left off when you want/need them to. I have no idea how I got lucky enough to have so many more good friendships than I ever had bad.....but holy balls did this girl luck out.

So to all of my fellow Friendship Laners out there, old and new.......thank you so much for "living" with me and Chad on our Friendship Lane.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Soo I am.

Hi. My name is Brooke, and I'm a blog stalker.
All together now....."Hi Brooke!"

I will read anything and everything someone puts on a blog. Friends, strangers, mommies, teenagers, recipes, stay at home dads, comedians, fashion and hair ideas, do it yourself projects......if you have anything that ends in '' there is a good chance I've come across it and stalked you for a bit. I just love getting a look in someone else's life, thoughts, funny or touching stories, at home projects, clothes, pictures, yummy food...

My usual MO when coming across a new blog....I  read a few of the blog's recent posts and if I like what I'm reading I immediately go to the history and find their very first post ever. I figure you can tell everything you need to know about the blog (and the blogger) when reading that first one. Well holy hell I haven't been on this side of the blog stalking...that puts just a little pressure on the first post!! I think I started writing this thing 15 different times only to start and restart again.

I know what you're thinking. "Why is she starting a blog?" (But just in case it was "What color is her underwear right now?" Answer: It's a nice burgundy color of low rise from American Eagle. But if you were thinking "What color are her panties?" Please leave this blog're a creep and it's not THAT kind of blog. I hate the word "panties." Ew.) What was I saying? Oh yes, top 3 reasons I'm writing this blog:

1)  I don't live near a lot of my family and friends and this seems like a fun way to keep them all up to date on our activities. Man oh man do I miss them.

2)  Although I've always wanted to, I've never kept a regular diary. I think it will be fun to look back through these to take me back to another place and time in my life.

C)  Maybe I'll make some new friends along the way.

Okay, I admit.....C may be a stretch. Rephrasing that to..."Hope I don't lose any current friends once they get a candid look inside this mind of mine." Much more appropriate.

I'm pretty sure I just made the first blog post my bitch.

ps. Sorry I said 'bitch' on the internets, Momma...I'll try to clean it up since I know you may or may not be the only one that reads my blog.  :)