Wednesday, July 11, 2012

32 Weeks - Babymoonin'

32 weeks!
(June 10th)

The weekend before our 2nd anniversary, my baby daddy and I took a little weekend getaway north of us to Santa Rosa, in Sonoma County. It was such a great weekend. We had so much fun just being the two of us, ignoring our phones and technology, eating really yummy food, and just relaxing. We took naps in the middle of the day, went on walks, laid by the pool, read books on the patio of our room, walked around downtown until we found a cute restaurant to eat dinner, went to a couple of wineries (for Chad to taste and for me to sniff and play wine connoisseur in my descriptive words), picnicked outside in the vineyard, and did I mention we took naps in the middle of the day??

If I could give anyone one piece of advice about marriage I would say marry someone you actually really like hanging out with. Seriously. Like you could spend days just being with them and have the best time ever. You don't always need to talk or make conversation, in those moments the silence is comfortable too. But being with them should definitely just feel good......and right. I digress.'s a prego in a 2 piece!
We wanted one "last" little getaway before we're no longer our little family of two and it becomes a little bit harder to make those kind of trips. We made a promise over dinner one night that in the future when baby/babies/kids are a part of our lives...we would at least attempt to make conversation on something other than them when it's just the two of us alone. Like real regular people adult conversation.

Are you laughing yet future Brooke? Are you rolling your eyes because "I have no idea what it's like"? Is it impossible to do this when you have kids at home who take up your every thought and you and future Chad even like talking about them when they aren't around? Well, humor me and attempt conversation about something else after you get done with the 20th story of the "super cute thing (insert name) did the other day." Don't forget how much you liked talking and sharing with this man before you had kids!  :)

Our drive there...going across the Golden Gate.

Love em love em love em :)

YUMMMY Italian dinner.

Me and the babe posing. :)

I can't remember exactly what the guy who took our picture said before he took this and made us laugh so much but it was something like, "smile like you aren't scared out of your minds about what the next few months are going to bring!" Pretty awesome.

Chad's glass.... glass. I was excited the bartender gave me a pretty glass to drink my water from. :)

Really cute bar where we sat and listened to a guy play the guitar after dinner.


Lilly pads on a little pond at "J Winery" (And yes, of course we went there because of the name!)

Miles and miles of vineyards!

Walking through a vineyard at "J"

J Winery entrance

Me and baby having a moment in the vineyard. Or maybe I was saying "You see all these delicious grapes mommy could be drinking??" :)


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