Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Today is a good day. A very good day. (Part 1)


I'm pregnant.

I'm going to have a baby.

Chad and I are going to be parents.

I'm growing a human inside of me.


I could just scream!!!!!!!! I have a permanent smile plastered to my face this morning.

The best part? Chad doesn't even know yet. No one but this girl knows the secret (well and this blog I'm saving as a draft). I'm going to tell Chad tonight. I could burst with excitement about it...I hope this day goes by fast or I'll never make it!!

However...it is fun having this huge enormous gigantic monstrous crazy awesome secret all to myself for now. It's making me feel this crazy and beautiful connection with this baby already. :) Omg...I'm going to have a baby.

So how come I know and Chad doesn't yet? Well, I found out this morning. I've had a sneaking suspicion just over the last couple of days that maybe...just maybe I really could be. But they were kind of the same symptoms I get when I'm going to start my period. Only magnified. My boobs are sore...so very sore. But that's usual this time of the month, although never this sore. I've been very sleepy. I didn't notice that until Sunday and I thought it was because of the Thanksgiving holiday and traveling. We had the drive down to southern California, then Black Friday shopping with my sister-in-laws Donna and Rachel and a friend from 12am-6am (but I caught up on sleep the next day), then we drove 7 hours home on Sunday and I slept just about the whole drive, then went to bed at 10pm and got up 9 hours later STILL tired, then finally last night I called it a night at 8:30pm because I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. I mentioned to Chad on the drive home on Sunday that I didn't think this month was "our" month because I was feeling a little bit of cramping like I normally do a couple days before. But then I noticed yesterday that I had NO cramping...and usually the days leading up are pretty rough. I contemplated taking a test last night but decided I should wait until the morning.

At 6:53am the exciting thing I was hoping for happened in my bathroom.

Part 2 of the story coming up tomorrow! Ahh...cliffhangers. So fun. :) In the meantime...here is a picture I took that morning before I left for work as my first official pregnant picture.


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Brittany said...

You make me smile. So excited for you guys! And so excited to follow your journey! xo