Friday, February 10, 2012

10 weeks.


Week 10 - Is there something there or am I bloated? It's a toss up.
What the heck is a kumquat? The all knowing wikipedia tells me a kumquat is a citrus-like fruit that's peel is sweet and center is sour and it's mostly used to make marmalade and jelly.

Why do I care what a kumquat is, you ask? I get weekly updates on what's going on in the good ole uterus (and what's going on with me) from and this week (Week 10/Month 3) it tells me Baby J is the size of a kumquat. This cannot be possible because the adorable little round faced baby I am surely growing in my belly could never be associated with such a gross word. "Kumquat" sounds more like something a jr. high boy would call another jr. high boy in the locker room after basketball practice. I do not like that name, do not like it one bit. Too bad because if you look at a picture of one of those things, they're actually pretty cute looking. Poor thing just has to have a dumb name. Kinda like Beyonce and Jay-Z's new baby, Blue. My first thought hearing that this morning was the baby being born and Beyonce yelling, "You're my baby, Blue!!" Just like Will Ferrell yells "You're my boy, Blue!!" in Old School. Good thing all celebrities name their kids something ridiculous or she might be made fun of at school. To which she could always reply, "Whatever, my parents are Beyonce and Jay-Z." Which would pretty much trump any coolness there could ever be so there's always that in Blue's back pocket.

What was I talking about? Oh right, it's week 10 for me and the babe! I say that line quite often these days, "What was I talking about?" I don't feel like it's pregnancy brain so much as I'm overwhelmed sometimes thinking about the fact that I'm growing a human and going to have a baby who will call me "mommy" and whose life will depend on me and Chad. Sometimes I'll be talking to Chad about {insert unimportant matter here} and for a tiny split second I won't be thinking about the fact that I'm pregnant and going to be a mother. And just like that all of those realizations come flooding in at me while I'm trying to tell him about {insert unimportant matter here}. Then my mind is all...."Holy shit balls this is crazy, am I even old enough to do this?" "Is there going to be some kind of test before they let us go home alone with the baby?" "Oh man I'm sure we won't pass it and then we'll have to give the baby back." "Oh no it would be even worse if they DON'T give a written/oral/multiple choice test because then they'd actually send us home with an infant without even knowing how clueless we are!" Usual procedure after that involves me forgetting my name so trying to figure out what I was saying in conversation is completely out of the question.

What was I saying? Oh right, I'm feeling pretty good on the mark of week 10! Some fun activities this week include: being extra tired, yawning all day long, working to keep my eyes open while at work, and trying to stay awake past 8pm at night. I fell asleep last night on the couch at 8:15pm (to the sound of Chad washing and putting away dishes AFTER he had made us dinner in the first place, goodness I love that man), Chad woke me up to get in bed at 9:30pm, then I had to drag myself out of bed to my alarm at 7am. It's a good thing I had to pee really bad or else I might have stayed there an extra hour.

Recently I've been on the hunt for a good yoga studio that offers Prenatal Yoga, but haven't found what I'm looking for. The yoga studio I like to go to as a "normal" person is hot yoga and now that's off limits. I'm actually having a hard time finding a place that offers classes after working hours or only on weekends. I feel like it shouldn't be this difficult to find given I'm in the state of California (we love hippy yoga stuff here) and there are a LOT of working moms/moms-to-be in the area. Anyway, still on the hunt because I really like doing yoga and want to continue it throughout my pregnancy.

In other news.....anxious for our next appointment on the 19th! Excited to see the little kumquat again and make sure everything is okay in there. (That sentence just made me laugh A LOT.) I think we get to hear the heartbeat at that appointment and we're both VERY excited about that!! The whole pregnancy thing became a whole lot more real last night when I was thinking about being 10 weeks into a 40 week pregnancy (that is if I go until the due date). This means I'm essentially 1/4 of the way there to having our baby in my arms. CRAZY, AWESOME, TERRIFYING, AMAZING, EXCITING don't really describe what that feels like. I'm also a couple weeks away from being in the 2nd trimester. Also very surreal, since I feel like this whole process just started but I also already feel like I've been pregnant forever. :) It's all so fun and makes me giggle a lot. I've been so lucky so far not having a nightmare of a 1st trimester and I hope it all continues to go smoothly! I've been holding back saying this outloud (or typing it) because I've been afraid I'm going to jinx something but.....I really love being pregnant. And from what I gets even better in the 2nd trimester!! :)

Baby Momma

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