Friday, February 10, 2012

6 weeks.


I'm 6 weeks (2 months) pregnant!!! Yay!!!!! Might as well start this whole bump picture now right? I think it will be fun to look back and see it grow from the beginning...

No bumpy to report on yet...
For the boys out there reading this (I know you're out there Dad and Justin) or anyone else who didn't previously know how counting pregnancy weeks works (it's cool, I didn't know this either) allow me to enlighten you on the matter. There are 40 weeks of pregnancy if you carry until your due date. don't actually conceive until (approximately) the 3rd week in. Since every woman ovulates and conceives at different dates and times...the easiest way to calculate is by the first day of your last period. In my case that means I'm 6 weeks and 2 days along. It's pretty convenient that you're "pregnant" for a month before you're technically even pregnant. Especially if you have bad morning sickness in the beginning...that's one month down just two to go!

This week also marks my first appointment with my doctor on Thursday. Chad wasn't going to be able to make it but a meeting canceled last minute and he's tagging along now. :) I don't think anything super exciting will be happening in this appointment (I was actually surprised they wanted to see me this early) but they said they'll just be confirming the pregnancy (urine and blood samples), taking some blood samples for testing, checking my weight, blood pressure, etc....and meeting with me about any questions/concerns I have. Then we set our next appointment and we're on our way. I'm more than happy for them to tell me I'm indeed pregnant....I'm pretty sure I could not get sick of hearing makes my heart so happy. :) I think Chad is playing it cool but he is pretty excited about this appointment too. He's already been asking about when we'll have the appointment that we get to see/hear the baby. That will be the coolest thing ever. :)

So how is this momma feelin' on week 6? Pretty good so far. I haven't had too much to complain about in the first 2 weeks of being pregnant. I've just been very tired with sore boobies. I'm worried it will all catch up to me soon and I'll be barfin all over the place. But then again it'll still mean I'm pregnant so I can deal. :)'s a funny story.....I wrote all of the above on Tuesday 12/13. It is now Thursday 12/15. Morning All day sickness hit me late Tuesday afternoon. haha, nature is a funny thing huh?? I still don't have too much to complain about, considering the horror stories I've heard from friends and family about barfing several times a day for the first trimester and never being able to keep anything down. (And my poor momma barfed for 9 MONTHS WITH ALL 3 OF US. Ugh, I don't know how she did it without losing her mind.) As for myself I just randomly feel like I have the worst.hangover.ever. at different parts of the day. But the good thing is it usually hangs around anywhere from 5-45 minutes and then goes away just as quick as it came on. Still no hanging my head in the toilet (I just feeling like I'm going to).....and for that, I'M VERY THANKFUL!

In other news....Chad and I have decided to drive down to So Cal this weekend to share the news with his family in person. We were thinking of telling them on Christmas eve via Facetime....but decided it would be awesome if we just surprised them on their doorstep with the big news. Can't wait to see their faces when they open the door to find us....let alone when we tell them our little big secret! :)

As for my family....I'm absolutely dying not telling them. I literally talk to my Momma every single day on my way to work and my sisters and I text randomly throughout the day. This morning Mom and I talked about a show she was watching "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" and how crazy it is. I wanted to be like..."yeah it's nuts that I can totally tell at 6 weeks and those crazies didn't know the whole 9 months?! I think that show is a fake!" But I didn't....I kept my little trap shut. The only thing that's keeping me from spilling it is the fact that I REALLY want to tell them in person. And if we didn't have this Christmas trip planned I would have absolutely spilled it to them like Day 2 after finding out. (You know maybe a couple hours after I told Chad.) :) But in person will be SO much more fun than over the phone or Skype.....we can hug, scream, laugh, cry, jump around, my mom and Amy will make their cute little gasping noise they make when they've been surprised, Amy will scream and say "shut up!!!" and Mom will say "I knew it!!! I knew it!!!", Tracy's eyes will get huge and she'll say "are you serious?!?!?", and my Dad....well I have NO idea what my Dad's reaction will be...that's the one I can't picture in my head. But I absolutely can't wait to see/hear how he reacts to hearing his baby is having a baby. :) Next week I'll let you know if my guesses were close....

Here's to another week being PREGNANT! (teehee, that makes me giggle) :)

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