Friday, February 3, 2012

I peed on the stick.

10/31/11 - Happy Halloween!

Well I peed on the stick last week. Because I'm Positive Polly....I was just sure that the stick was wrong when it said "Not Pregnant." Or maybe I took it too early, yeah that's it. Well Positive Polly left on Sunday because her unwelcome Auntie decided to drop in. Boo. And mer.

I spent a couple of hormonal hours moping around and feeling sorry for myself before I changed my attitude. I mean really...this was the 2nd month of not not-trying. There are worse things happening in this world...stop being ridiculous. And I didn't EXACTLY expect it to happen right away. (Read: Yes, I totally did.) I'm just impatient when it comes to something I've made my mind up about. Then there's that stupid woman fear I have inside of me that maybe it will be difficult for Chad and I to conceive. Maybe this will be a long and hard road for us. Maybe the universe has a different plan for us. Blah blah negative things blah blah..... My momma (who I let in on the little secret) reminded me we're young and there's nothing to worry about. Chad always seems to be Positive Peter about everything so of course it didn't really phase him or at least he didn't act like it in front of me. haha. He also reminded me of our little motto "timing is everything" and I felt a lot better. We firmly believe had we started dating at a different time in our lives...we wouldn't have had the ending that we have now. Any sooner and we both would have given up before it even started and any later and I would have literally ran out of the country and across the world (to Australia to be specific) from a relationship. So I know something will happen for us when the time is right.


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