Friday, February 10, 2012

7 :) weeks!


7 is my favorite number. 7 is Chad's favorite number, well some might even call it borderline obsessive problem with the number 7 for him....  He only sets his alarm to wake up in the morning with a time that includes a 7. 5:47am, 6:37am, 7:07am. We got married on June 12th, 2010 at 5:07pm. (Well at least our invitations clearly stated it...the rain held us back a little though.) I wore #7 in college and so did he. Since our whole friendship started because we played softball/baseball at Woods and then grew into something feels like the number seven has always been a part of our relationship together. Here's a picture we took for Table 7 at our wedding reception: :) we are on week 7 (2 months) of being pregnant! :) My first appointment with the doctor last week was great!! We met with Dr. S (who Chad really liked too, so that was good!)...she asked us questions, we asked her questions, she explained how procedure goes for her office (where I will deliver, how to get a hold of her in an emergency, etc), she also said she delivers about 90% of her patients which I thought was a pretty good number! If it's not her it's the other doctor in the same office which she'll have me make an appointment with later in the pregnancy to get to know her as well. I explained to her that we would be leaving for Missouri on the 22nd and be gone for 6 days (and that I was VERY anxious and excited to share the news with my family at that time.) She said traveling wasn't a problem and suggested drinking a lot of water and pack snacks for the flight to help ward off sickness. Once she realized I would be at 7 weeks this week, she suggested we come back in today to see if we can find a heartbeat from the baby. I almost jumped out of my skin I was so excited to hear that! Dr. S thinks it will help give everyone peace of mind while traveling (aka being away from her office this early in my pregnancy) if we can hear that beautiful "thump thump" and know that everything is going okay in there. Dr. S also said it might be fun to give the family a cute little picture while she's checking things out too. Oh yes, I already love you Dr. S. :) She made sure to warn us that we may not be able to find a heartbeat this early though....and to not freak out if we don't, it just may mean that we're off on how far along we are.

After they asked for a urine sample before my appointment, I was fully expecting the nurse/doctor to come in the room and say "Congratulations, you're definitely pregnant!" Or maybe I was just hoping, rather than expecting it.... But that didn't happen, so the whole appointment I kept thinking, "so they're just going by the fact that I told them I got a positive result in my bathroom 2 weeks ago?" I was really wanting someone else to confirm the fact that I'm not crazy and there really is something going on in there. As we were leaving and making my next appointment....I asked if they tested and the nurse said "Oh yes honey, you are very pregnant!!" Whew, thanks! Next thought as we walked out...."Wait, what did she mean by very pregnant? Are my hCG levels higher than they normally are in a 7 week pregnancy, meaning there could be something in there 'doubling' those levels??" Insert small panic.

My mom (and within the last year Chad's mom) have been having these weird feelings and dreams that Chad and I are going to have twins some day. I've always laughed about it and thought that would be pretty fun to have 2 at the same time knowing the kind of bond they would always have together (and how cute they would look when I dressed them alike every day of their lives.) My mom has identical twin sisters who I have always adored and who are the best of friends to each other. But this was the first time since being pregnant that I thought about it. Holy seriously overwhelms me to think about what the heck I would do if we had twins. It blows my mind to think about a doctor telling us we can leave the hospital with one baby.....let alone having two! The past few days these thoughts have been sneaking in my mind more and more since I realized we could possibly find out if there's 2 in there TODAY. Holy. Balls. Well....whatever happens I suppose there is a reason for it and my main focus and concern is that whoever is in there is healthy and happy!!!

Yay for Week 7!! There is a lot of good energy and prayers going into hearing a healthy heartbeat today and getting to see that little booger in there!! Which in reality is about the size of a large booger. :)

Update: I must have forgot to take bump pictures in weeks 7-10. But don't worry nothing seemed to change at all for my belly during those weeks so you can just check out my week 6 picture if you're curious. :)

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