Friday, February 10, 2012

9 weeks.


I realize there is no 8 week post. That's because we got back from Missouri and I had the following week off work and took FULL advantage of that by only moving off the couch a handful of times. It. Was. Awesome. Apparently even getting the laptop out to blog about the holiday, my birthday, our trip to Missouri, what it was like telling our families and a handful of friends that we're expecting, New Year's Eve, the 8th week of pregnancy....was all too much work. I actually don't even feel guilty about spending so much time on the couch watching movies, taking naps, being generally useless, and snuggling with Chad. :) And as far as summing up all of those things we did between week 7 and now......also very awesome. More on that in another post. You know, when I'm not feeling like barf sack and contemplating my next nap.

For your Week 9 (Month 3) is an email I just sent to my sisters. :)

Hey sisters!

It's Week 9! To celebrate the beginning of a new week....I decided I'd break my streak this morning and barf before my first day back at work.  I don't feel like I will be making this a regular thing though, I think it was a matter of circumstance. 

You see...since I decided making a human was just not enough work, I thought I'd go ahead and catch a cold as well.  Making my stomach even more queasy from gross drainage, my body more achy, and more general exhaustion.  I woke up this morning a little later than I planned...oops, turned off my alarm and fell back it left me rushing a bit to shower and get ready.  As you both know, I don't "rush" well as a normal person.  (Normal person = non pregnant person)  Well I most certainly don't rush well as a pregnant person.  Now it makes me feel barfy to rush around and get my brain going in 50 different directions, without time to drink some water, snack on a saltine, or sit down. 

Anyway....back to my morning barf story. I showered, put on makeup, dressed, and got my breakfast and lunch packed, only thing left to do was brush my teeth and get out the door. (Sidenote: After a particularly horrifying incident while brushing in week 6....I haven't been able to brush my tongue as I now have a strong gag reflex to it.)  While spitting my toothpaste in the sink I started to cough (because of my cold), then started to gag (because...I have no idea, pregnancy is weird), then was hovering over the toilet.  Things got worse when I discovered I hadn't flushed the hair ball I had removed from the drain after my shower. 

Felt a little better after that and was only 3 minutes late to work.  I'd call that a win for the morning.  Now I sit at my desk, counting down the minutes until I can return to my favorite place for the last week (the couch) and take a nap.  Only 376 more minutes to go.

Love you,

ps. 16 more days til we get to see Baby J again!  We'll also get to hear the heartbeat for the first time then too!!  (January 19th)  :)

Update: I was under the impression we would be hearing baby's heartbeat during the week 7 appointment but it was an ultrasound to see baby's heartbeat. You can't actually hear the heartbeat until around week 10. The week 7 ultrasound was really great though...we saw the little nugget for the first time and the doctor told us baby looked really strong and felt good about our odds of miscarriage. And as an update to my last post...there was only one baby in there!
What do you mean you can't tell what you're looking at? It's clearly know...thinger there in the middle...

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