Friday, February 24, 2012

16 weeks.

Here we are at 16 weeks/4 months!!

I don't feel like there's much of a change between this week and last...but maybe that's because last week I felt like it was a crazy change between no bump to "holy crap I'm really growing something in there."

I'm finally all caught up with my pregnancy weeks on the blog! If you haven't already...go ahead and scroll through them. I know you don't want to miss pictures of the little nugget or anything that has to do with me pooping.

Updates for the week.....let's see....well I feel like ever since I stopped the whole morning all day sickness thing I developed a fun new game that involves standing up from a seated position too quickly and getting really dizzy. Sometimes it's worse than others, most of the time it just leaves me a little off balance but other times I get tunnel vision and things go dark for a quick second and I have to stand still while holding on to something. Chad has seen a few of those "fun" moments and says I also go pretty pale and look like I'm going to pass out. Cool trick, huh? I never really feel like I'm going to faint and barf on myself or anything (ahem...Amy...) and it usually goes away in a matter of seconds. But I did mention it to my doctor the last appointment and she suggested I start paying attention to when it happens. Like time of day, have I eaten in the last couple of hours, did I just eat something sugary, have I been sitting for a long period, etc. So I'm trying to pay close attention to that.

Something else that has got my attention....I think I felt the baby move for the first time last week?!? I was sitting very still at my desk at work when a sneeze snuck up on me and almost sent me out of my chair (it was a good one)...after I got it out I was sitting still again at my computer and I felt something very....not me. I just kept looking around the room like..."Was that just what I think it was?" I wasn't sure and I guess I'm still not certain. But more clues are coming in every couple of days because I'll feel the same thing every now and again. I've read that a lot of women describe the feeling as "flutters" or "like pop corn popping" but to me it feels like a fish living in your lower belly and flappin' around in there. You know...kinda like my beloved Slippy Slappy, Swimmin' Swanson, and Samsonite. {Who are all still alive!! Surely if I can keep 3 fish alive in a tank I can handle the whole "mommy" thing right? RIGHT?!?!?} The feeling comes and goes, only jumps around and gets excited every few days. I'm still not sure I'm really feeling our fish.....I keep thinking maybe it's some weird indigestion or something I'm making up in my head. I suppose I'll know for sure in a few more weeks when those fins arms and legs are stronger and I know what I'm feeling. :)

EXCITING NEWS!!! Chad and I got to meet some precious babies this weekend!! Chad's sister Michelle and husband Corey had our nephew on the 11th and our friends Brittany and Neil had their little girl on the 10th! They both live in Orange County so we got to meet both of them when we drove down last weekend for a quick trip. Let me tell you.....they are sooooo sweet.

Cash Arne
8 lbs 12oz
21 inches
Look at that big fist he's making!

Oh man...I can't handle his picture. Those squishy cheeks make me wanna take a bite.

Well hello there, nice to meet you.

Dear Cash: Please stay snuggly and little forever.  Thanks, Auntie Brooke
Cash looks very much like big sister Autumn when she was a newborn. Which means he'll probably have blonde hair and blue eyes like her too. He's already so strong! Only a week old and he can keep his head up for a few seconds at a time. And he's a snuggly little guy that has already stolen my heart. :)
Sidenote: Apparently I didn't take any pictures of Chad with his nephew. Oops. I'm a horrible wife but a pretty cool auntie. :)

Kendall Autry
6 lbs
18 inches
Precious little Kendall and a proud big sissy McKenna in the background.

This is what she does before she "cries"...are you kidding me? I just giggled every time she got mad because it was so cute!

She looks a lot like a baby doll. :) And I wanna eat her up.
Kendall looks a lot like her big sister too. I used to be real jealous of infant McKenna and tell her she was a huge whore for having such lonnnnnngggg, dark and pretty eyelashes. You know, in the nicest, most auntie appropriate kind of way. :) Kendall is just so dainty and precious. Love her already too.

Here are a few more pictures from our fun weekend down south....

These two (Autumn and Zoie) were BFF all weekend. It was so cute. Here they are giggling and trying to warm up after playing in the water at the beach.

Knowing the relationships I had and have with my cousins and seeing our nieces playing together this weekend made me excited for our little nugget to have that too. 

Olivia is a pretty clever girl...she was using her dad's surf board cover to stay warm when it got cold on the beach. :)

Chad playing princess with Autumn in her new dress up clothes we got her. :)

Game night at the Dutton house!!

Have a good weekend everybody!!

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