Monday, February 6, 2012

Baby makin' thoughts.


Recently Chad and I have seemed to develop a new attitude regarding baby makin'. We are much more relaxed and have come to realize we are in no way in control of when the timing is right for us to get pregnant. It's strange that I'm having a much harder time with the "being in control" thing than Chad is. If you know us well, you know that when it comes to "rolling with the punches" and just going with things....I'm a little better at that than Chad. He usually feels more of a need to be in control of situations and how those situations effect him and can be more phased by unexpected surprises than me. But when it comes to this baby makin' business....I'm definitely struggling with giving up control over the situation. Obviously there is the one way that we are in control (because duh, we can't exactly make a baby without that part).....but all the rest is out of our hands. I can't control anything else. This fact has been stressing me out. But I think I'm over that now. I realized stressing about when and how will never help the situation and I will drive myself (and Chad) completely crazy in the process. Only positive thoughts and feelings coming from this girl from now on!


Update and possibly TMI: Before you get all "whatta crazy lady to start panicking at all about not getting pregnant after only 3 months of trying." First of all, touche. Second of all, I hadn't been on birth control in over a year before this (it makes me a real crazy person) so it wasn't like I just went off of something and should expect my body to catch up. C) We all have our insecurities, don't judge me.....even though I'm choosing to share them all with you here in this blog. :) And lastly, now that I actually am's funny to me to think about how worried I was about all of it. I thought worrying about becoming pregnant would be stressful....there's even more of a feeling of helplessness and being out of control of the situation once you know you are. And I hear it doesn't get much easier in the Worrying-And-Hoping-Everything's-Okay Department as a parent for the next 50 years either! :)

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