Thursday, February 16, 2012

12 weeks.


Make some noise for 12 weeks (3 months)!! says the little nugget is about the size of a plum this week. And I love juicy plums so there's a good chance I love the little dude growing in there. Sidenote: Thank you Amy for the nickname "little nugget."  :)

Several exciting things happened since the last post....
*We heard the heartbeat with the help of a fetal heart monitor on Thursday. Music to our ears.
*We had an ultrasound as part of a first trimester screening and Baby J looks healthy and comfortable in there. :)
*After measuring, they moved my "due date" to August 5th. (But we still like the 7th better.)
*Seeing baby actually look like a baby (albeit alien-ish) in the ultrasound was so crazy. It made the whole "I'm really pregnant" thing just that much more real.
*Baby was just hanging out when we first started the ultrasound but by the end got excited about all the poking and prodding the doc was doing on me and was dancing around all over the place!
*Soooo weird to see baby moving on the monitor and knowing he/she is inside of me but not being able to feel it myself! Soon enough I suppose!
*Me to the doctor performing the ultrasound...."Now, be honest. I won't tell any of the other patients in the waiting room.....that's the cutest fetus you've ever seen, isn't it?" She assured me that it definitely was the cutest and in no way was I biased or irrational. At least that's what I heard. :)
*Conversation between Chad and I during the ultrasound....Me: Awww...look at that nose! Oh that's a cute little girl nose if I've ever seen one! (Baby J moves and holds up arm) Chad: HA!! It's a boy, look at that arm! He's got some guns on him!

To the little girl I saw yesterday:
I promise your Daddy meant nothing mean by calling you a boy with boy arms. Hopefully you have a better arm than your Momma ever did. Don't repeat this but that's why I started playing second's pretty close firing range to first. But if you ever ask me, I'll probably tell you something like "the leader on the infield needs to be a middle infielder and you've got to have a strong right side and someone who is quick to cover either side." So just act like you believe me when I tell you that some day. Oh and I give you permission to punch your Dad some day and show him how strong your arm really is. :)

To the little boy Chad saw yesterday:
Sorry about saying you have a cute little girl nose. I'm sure I was just mistaken and your nose is very distinctive and masculine. And about that strong arm we saw...definitely cool if you want to be a pitcher and all....however, please keep in mind that pitchers are total headcases. If you don't believe me, just take a look at your father and your Auntie Amy. Alright fine, Amy is pretty "normal" for a pitcher...but your Dad? Well, let's just say I had a rule against dating pitchers for a reason. Then he came along being all cute and California-like and made me forget he was the one standing on the mound. See the type of sorcery they have?? And just because I said can punch your Daddy with that "gun" of yours some day too. :)

Love you little nugget,
Momma Jo

Full body of the "alien"....or is it "predator?" You decide.

Profile...cute little nose.

Chad seems to think baby is showing off the guns but I imagine he/she is saying "We love you Dark Continent...goodnight!!"

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