Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm gonna pee on something.


This week I am going to pee on a stick and the magic stick will tell me if I'm going to be a mother in 9 months. Holy. Balls.

So as I mentioned in the first letter to myself, Chad and I are officially not-not trying to be pregnant. This fun game started last month. I was able to contain my excitement at that time and didn't pee on anything. (Sticks or otherwise.) Obviously I wasn't with child so here we are again. I'm having a very hard time being patient this time. :) According to my "calculations" I should technically be able to test and find out starting today (4 days before) but the longer we wait...the more accurate test I could that's what I'm trying to be patient enough to do. Truth be told I peed on a stick last Sunday morning.....I couldn't freakin' wait another second about not knowing. It came back negative. Although it was actually too early to get an accurate reading anyway...(7 days before)....but hey, when a girl wants to pee on a stick she wants to pee on a stick! :)

Did I mention my parents are here visiting this week? They leave next Tuesday. Yeah, there is no way I would be able to keep that from them if we find out any exciting news before they leave. Besides I'm pretty sure my mom would be able to look in my eyes and just "know" the second that I know anyway. She's always been like that with everything....good and bad. She just knows things.

But here's the thing....I'm pretty sure there's nothing going on in there right now. Yeah yeah, I probably shouldn't know or feel any different at this point if there is anything going on (I haven't even "missed" anything) but still! I think I would know if a human is starting to form inside of me, right?! :) So weird. Here's to hoping something super exciting happens in my bathroom on Saturday morning. (If I can wait that long.) :)


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