Thursday, March 29, 2012

20 weeks! Gimme toasted raviolis!

Holy crap sack we have officially hit the half way mark!!

It seems pretty unreal that in 20 more weeks (give or take a few) we will be holding the newest member of our little family. I think I keep saying this but....what an overwhelming feeling that is.

To mark this halfway milestone, how 'bout a little Pregnancy FAQ?! That is Frequently Asked Questions that I have been asked by those who love me (and ones who don't even know me but feel they should ask since it's common to ask during a woman's pregnancy) :)

Q: The most common one..... How far along are you?
A: Well since I'm a little behind on the 'ole bloggy.....right now I'm 21 weeks and 4 days or if you're more of the month counter....I'm in my 5th month.

Q: First question is always followed up by.... How are you doing and/or how have you been feeling?
A: Actually, really really good. I feel beyond blessed that I've had a really good pregnancy so far. I have some minor aches and pains to complain about like....round ligament pains that come and go, leg cramps in my calves that wake me up at night a couple times a week, restless leg stuff that happens every now and then when I'm sitting at my desk at work all day, and maybe a couple other "unmentionables"......but seriously I feel like those are so minor in comparison to what I could be experiencing (and the horrors I know from other women) that I try not to complain too much. And honestly, I do feel really good. I'm actually feeling pregnant now and I get to feel the baby kick and move every day. It's such an awesome thing to know that what I put in my body is going to the nourishment of our baby. How cool is that? Whether it's true or not is debatable, but I also like to think that the love, energy, and outlook on life also fills our baby too. I definitely have insecurities about pregnancy, becoming a mom, and just my own personal ones but I say this with absolute truth.....I have never in my life felt more strong, confident, capable, independent, womanly, and full of love. I don't necessarily think it should take being pregnant for a woman to know she's capable of some really incredible things (we should figure that out way before, ladies!), but it's what it has done for me so far. That being said, I've heard and read that the 2nd trimester gives you all these warm and fuzzy feelings about pregnancy and baby and by the time the 3rd trimester rolls are tired, swollen, huge, and at the end ready to get that baby the.ef.out. So for now I will bask in the gloriousness that is the 2nd trimester and continue to hope I can hold on to the beautiful things being pregnant has taught me so far. :)  My belly is starting to change more by the day and although I'm still in the "danger zone" of a stranger asking me if I'm pregnant.....people who know me can tell that I am. Don't worry though....I have a plan for the first stranger who asks me when I'm due or if I'm pregnant. I plan to look horribly offended and tell them I don't know what they're talking about. If I can hold out long enough to see their face go pale (or red, or green) I may tell them I'm just joking after that, but come on if I just stormed off....they would tell that story for years to come as their most embarrassing moment!!

Q: Everyone's favorite to ask.......Are you having any weird cravings?
A: Really I haven't had any cravings throughout the last 20 weeks! Well, at least I haven't had any consistent cravings. Aversions? Ha, that's a different story but I'll get to that later. The first trimester I suppose I "craved" salty things. Mostly because that was the only thing I could think about eating that didn't make me want to gag. Plain baked Lays chips....McDonald's salt with dash of fries thrown in.....baked potato heavy on the salt hold everything theatre popcorn....yes, now we're talkin'. Sugar, chocolate, or anything sweet.....wasn't havin' it. Someone told me the salt thing meant I was having a boy, but everyone has their "theories", right? :) (Sidenote: Please know that I ate more than just chips, potatoes, and salt in my first trimester. It wasn't fun eating anything else...but I did it.) I started feeling better around Week 14ish and found myself wanting to eat more things. But it really wasn't until around 18 weeks that I felt like I really got my appetite back and in full force. Luckily one thing that always sounds good to me (and apparently to baby too) is fruit. I don't think I've ever had as much fruit as I do now. Grapes, strawberries, kiwis, honeycrisp apples, and cuties are "our" favorite. I think it's the juiciness that really gets me excited. Yummmm. I'm eating grapes as I type this. I've never been a huge fan of Greek yogurt, but I've been eating a crap-ton of that lately too. I try to be fairly healthy with my snacking (considering I'm eating about every 2 hours)....but I have to say chips and anything crunchy are also a favorite. Last week I had two cravings (I guess they were cravings?) that I got worked up about. KitKat bar one day and toasted raviolis another day. I was at the grocery store that same day so I was able to grab the candy in the checkout but toasted ravioli? Has it gone extinct? Chad and I went to 2 different grocery stores looking for toasted ravioli in the frozen food section, AND searched local Italian restaurants online menus to see if they served it. All to no avail. I haven't had any specific craving last longer than a day so I wasn't too concerned about it....until it stayed with me all week. I think it was because I didn't satisfy it. But this weekend while at Target, we found some! Sort of! I say sort of because it was toasted ravioli....just not the meat kind inside. It was cheese, basil, and saucy on the inside. But it most definitely satisfied what I was looking for. I know what you're thinking, "why didn't you just buy the pasta ravioli kind and bread and fry it yourself at home?" Simply put....because that's more work than I wanted to do. I needed it immediately at my disposal. What I really could have gone for was Guthrie, Missouri's own Tonanzio's toasted ravioli's. You Missouri folk know what I'm talkin' about. YUMMMM.

Crap, now I'm hungry. I'll get back to more Pregnancy FAQ in the next post.


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