Friday, March 16, 2012

18 weeks.

I'm about 2 weeks behind so I'm gonna try to wrap the last few weeks up quickly here...but so much has happened and once I start writing I just keep going and going....

18 weeks!!! It's the start of month 5!! Woot woot!!

Exciting stuff happened in week 18. My parents celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary on March 6th and we had our anatomy ultrasound the same day. Because we decided we're waiting until Baby J's birthday to find out the sex...our main concern on the 6th was to see a healthy baby in there. And we definitely did. *big sigh of relief* :) I've realized it doesn't matter what stage of your pregnancy you're in, you never get tired of hearing someone tell you everything looks good and healthy in there. All baby's parts and organs seem to be growing right on track and we're still measuring for the same due date...August 5th. :)

We spent March 1-4 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. :) Oh man...what a great trip. We had such a GREAT time with my family. We were there for my cousin Lacey's wedding on the 3rd and stayed at a beautiful resort with everyone. That deserves a whole post on its I'll work on that next. :)

I think my favorite moment of pregnancy (to date and okay...probably besides the morning I found out I was pregnant!) happened during week 18. I had been feeling what I thought was the baby moving/kicking since week 16, but it would come and go and I couldn't decide if the feeling was really baby or not. Well those "feelings" got stronger right before our trip to the DR and I realized those flutters were definitely not me, my belly, or indigestion....but the predator that resides inside of me. (Yes, I lovingly call the baby 'Predator' now too. Don't worry, it's only in the most endearing way.) I didn't feel much while we were on vacation which made me worry a little at the end of each day. That was until the day we got back and I started feeling baby all the time and all throughout the day. :) I realized I probably wasn't feeling as much because I was distracted most of every day and hanging out with my family, playing on the beach, and swimming in the ocean. Nice distractions, huh? Anyway, back to my new favorite moment. After eating Chad's favorite dinner that I make (Ranch Chicken...yummy) on Thursday the 8th we were sitting on the couch when I started feeling the predator going crazy in my belly. I had my hand resting on my belly when for the first time I felt a kick on the outside....I panicked and told Chad to put his hand there and right after he did he felt the biggest kick even I had ever felt up until that point. He screamed like a little girl (if you know him, you know this scream well) and started cracking up. I cried because it made me so happy. Baby then proceeded to show off by doing some crazy flip or roll or something weird in there. And Chad got to feel all of that too. It is so weird to feel something like that from the inside and the outside. Feeling a human move inside you and know that it's a human....well, it's pretty indescribable. I imagine that gets even crazier when you can see a foot, hand, leg, or butt poking out of your belly... 

Hence where the nickname came from. It was either 'Alien' or 'Predator' and we prefer the ring of Predator. Our precious little innocent baby Predator. :)
What's crackalackin' mom? 

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