Friday, March 16, 2012

19 weeks.

Hello 19 weeks, nice to meet you.

19 weeks brought on a couple of new things. I had some restless nights early this week because I couldn't get myself comfortable enough to sleep for very long. I was having some round ligament pains (at least that's what my doc called them) and couldn't seem to get me or my belly comfortable. After 2 nights of this, I was thinking, "Holy crap, isn't it too early to be unable to sleep? What's going to happen in a few more months when I'm much bigger?" Luckily, that was just for a couple nights and I've been feeling much more "normal" again since then. I was thinking I was probably just doing a lot of stretching on the inside during those couple of days and I think I confirmed those suspicions on Tuesday. A month ago my sister Tracy mailed me a pregnancy tape measure that you wrap around your belly and mark each week as you grow. (She claims since she can't physically see me every day, she needs a number to go by to track how much her "niece is stretching her baby sister's belly." She's not certain it's a girl in there but she's sure keeping her fingers crossed...) Well between week 18 and 19 I measured a whole inch bigger. It was at that point that I decided I'm not too sure I want to keep doing this weekly measurement....maybe it would be better not knowing the numbers... haha :)

I also feel baby kick/punch/move every day and usually multiple times every hour. I'm not going to lie...when I was feeling those movements the days I was having some pains, they kind of freaked me out. Everything in there was sensitive and I was worried each new movement I felt meant something was wrong. Once I started feeling better later, I found myself definitely welcoming those kicks and movements. It makes me smile. Chad has now felt baby 3-4 different times. :) He likes to have his hands on my belly. And so do I. Ever since I told him the baby had developed hearing in there and could start hearing things and eventually recognize voices...he likes to talk to the baby through the "talk hole" aka my belly button. He tells the little nugget secrets. :)



mproebsting said...

Well, thanks to your last two blogs I completely want another one! The kicking is THE BEST! And is DOES only get better from here. Just wait til you can "play" with him (or her) by poking a body part that's sticking out and him kicking back :) :)And also, get a snoogle!!! Your sleep is only going to get worse from here... :)

Brooke said...

Oh man, I worry about just what I'm gonna be feeling in a few months from now if I'm feeling all this craziness now! :) I do have a snoogle pregnancy pillow...oh how I love him. In fact I should probably dedicate a whole post to "Boyfriend." :) Thanks for the idea.
ps. Sorry about making you want another one. :)