Monday, February 11, 2013

2 Months

Oh man....can anyone tell me where the past 6 months have gone?? I'm months behind on here! I know all of you internets people are waiting with bated breath to hear about my little girl....right? Right?? Anyone?? :)

Since I'm using this blog as a sort of "baby book" for Shay...I want to go back to do a little recap of pictures and things that happened for each month. So let's think back all the way to October when Shaylyn was just 2 months old........

Happy Shay

MAD Shay

Date night with Chad's favorite girls :)

Morning snuggles...most mornings I bring Shaylyn in our bed after her early morning feeding. :)

Shay's first trip to Napa! We went with Auntie "Madia" and Uncle Mark. :)

In Napa - Momma gets sushi for the first time in like 10 months. Oooh how I missed sushi while I was pregnant!!

Shay discovers she has a tongue in October. I'm pretty sure it was out more than it was in this whole month. 


I remember this day...Shay and I were super cuddly all day. I pretty much let her sleep on me all day. And I happened to catch her smiling in her sleep. This picture makes my heart so happy. :)

Auntie Amy sent a Cardinals uni for our little #7

Shaylyn is introduced to our monthly "Kwanazaaa!" 

Grandpa Scott and Grandma Connie come for a visit and we eat lunch on the beach in Half Moon Bay. (If  you ever go there you MUST eat at Sam's Chowder House and get the lobster sandwich and clam chowder. You will NOT be disappointed!!)

Shaylyn first Halloween! At the pumpkin patch.

I saw our Christmas card, right?? I LOVE taking awkward family photos. I actually waited until she was crying to take this picture. Yeah, I'm that mom.

Our little family

She passed out on Auntie Donna while watching the Cardinals/Giants game in the NLCS.

She cried when the Cardinals' season was over.

She decided to root for the Giants in the World Series. (2012 Champs!)

She went as an owl for Halloween and trick or treated with the big kids...her  cousins Olivia and Zoie and their friends. Mommy went as "fifty shades of grey". 

The cutest owl there ever was.
She was over the owl costume by this point. Daddy went as "The Jager Bomber" :) 
I love this picture of Zo at the pumpkin patch. :)

Roadtrip to SoCal to meet her ADORABLE cousin Kiley!! I can already tell these 2 will be big buddies. :)

All the Johansen/Gillette cousins together! 3 grandkids born in 2012! (Sidenote: Shaylyn did NOT have a good day this day...had a really bad belly ache and spent most of the day crying. Like REALLY crying. The only person who could get her to calm down was Uncle Ryan so he spent most of the day walking with her and bouncing her and being the Shaylyn Whisperer.)

Shay insisted she hold her cousin. We were dying over this picture. So cute.

Shay meets the Laukat girls! Here she is with Kendall. I feel like these two make a lot of the same faces. :)

She very much enjoyed McKenna...she kept smiling at her. :)

On the drive back home to NorCal. Took a pit stop off the highway so I could feed Shay. Then we took this picture of her by a cotton field. I have no idea why this picture makes me laugh so much...but it does.

Baseball season may be over but she still rocks the Cards bib!

Alright...and the Cards dress. The little dimple on her right cheek really came out in her 2nd month...and oh man does it hurt my heart! :)

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