Monday, December 24, 2012

A Very Awkward Christmas.

I started a tradition last year that I didn't exactly know was going to be a tradition.

I'm a huge fan of awkwardness. So Chad and I took an awkward Christmas picture...I made an awkward card...and sent it out to a bunch of family and friends. We got such a great response from it that I decided to make it a family tradition. 

Best. Idea. Ever.

2011 Johansen Awkward Christmas
Meowy Christmas From the Johansen's!
Screen shot of our 2011 card from the website I ordered it from. ( - a super awesome custom order anything website) Sidenote: This is not our cat. We do not own a cat.
Fun fact: I was actually around 6 weeks pregnant in this picture but it was before we were really telling anyone. :)

This year we have a super cute "prop" for our awkward Christmas! She makes this tradition WAY more fun. Poor poor Shaylyn....she's in for a long ride with these parents of hers. So far though I'd say she fits right in to this awkward family, but you can be the judge of that...............

2012 Johansen Awkward Christmas
Made this year's card on -  so easy to custom make them! And also awesome that I got a great deal on all the cards from Groupon. 

This could be really embarrassing so it's a good thing we only sent this to 100 of our family and friends (and posted it here online for anyone to see)............

Have a very AWKWARD Christmas and a HAPPY New Year!!
(I'm not sure how we'll out awkward ourselves next year....we really went for it this year.)
The Johansen's
Chad, Brooke, and Shaylyn

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