Friday, April 20, 2012

23 Weeks - Yesterday's Menu

23 weeks:

What did I eat yesterday you ask? Well.......
  • bowl of oatmeal 
  • a cutie and some grapes
  • a granola bar (um the chocolate chip kind, not the healthy kind)
  • In-N-Out cheeseburger no onions and well done fries (omg it was gooooood, haven't had In-N-Out since I've been pregnant!)
  • s'more Pop Tart
  • a handful of Sweetarts
  • another cutie
  • leftover pizza
Oopsie, bad mommy.  :) 


Brittany said...

Ummm...I ate like this everyday. For both my pregnancies. MEGA bad mommy over here. :/ But hey, it's hard work growing a human- eat on sista!

Brooke said...

I always feel so guilty if I eat like crap all day or week.... Mommy guilt already?? Come ON!!!