Monday, May 7, 2012

25 weeks - "Donald Trump is a pervert" and other 100% true facts.

25 weeks!

Dern...I'm 2 weeks behind!

I've recently noticed a trend in my weekly pictures........I never have the same hair! I was looking through a lot of them and seeing how much my belly (ie sweet baby) has been growing. I definitely feel like we have done some serious growing over the past 4 weeks! I don't post them, but every week we also take a "topless" pic too (not completely topless, I have a sports bra on you sicko!) You can see my belly changing even more in those. Maybe towards the end of the pregnancy I'll make a little video for those.....

Week 25 has come and gone two weeks ago now so let me think back to that week...
Chad was out of town for the weekend at a friend's bachelor party so I had the house to myself. I usually don't sleep well when he's gone and wasn't really looking forward to the empty bed........but holy crapsack. Turns out my pregnant self doesn't mind the bed to myself at all! I'm usually a pretty heavy sleeper but since my belly has started growing and putting pressure on places I'm not used to, I find myself waking up a lot. And when Chad even thinks about moving during the night to roll over or whatever, I wake up. After the first night alone, I found myself waking up the next morning really excited about going to bed later that night. It was such good sleep all weekend! haha. Sorry honey, I still love sleeping with you and was glad to have you back several nights later.....just be happy for me that I slept so well while you were gone. :)

Also the last weekend in April was two of my favorite guy's birthdays. Chad turned 28 and my dad turned (an undisclosed number.) :) Since I didn't get to hang out with either one on their birthday, I celebrated by going to a spa and getting a facial. I had a really good day. I took the train about 20 minutes north to the salon, got my facial, and was strolling along the downtown area when realized I missed the train home that I meant to take. And what do I find by the train station when I need to kill an hour during lunch time? An adorable Italian restaurant with outdoor seating and it was a beautiful day outside. Yes please. I would have loved a glass of white wine with my yummy shrimp pasta while sitting outside people watching basking in the sun.....but hey, "beggars can't be choosers" and "people who are making humans who have a great alone time day can't be complaining when they got a facial and their swollen sausage feet just got a rubdown." I feel like that's a saying, right? I should have known how awesome that day was going to be when I made a "friend" on the train there who plopped down in the seat next to me and I had the most interesting conversation I've had in a while. Well I use the word 'conversation' loosely because it was mostly him asking me the most random questions and telling me the most random things. Here are some of the things my friend had to say:

(one of the first things he said to me)
Friend: Do you know who Donald Trump is? You know, the guy on The Apprentice show and owns the hotels and stuff?
Me: Yeah.
Friend: Did you know he also owns the Miss Universe Pageant?
Me: Yes, I knew that.
Friend: He's such a pervert.
Me: (laughing)
Friend: He really is. I tell him that all the time. I should ask him for some money. He's my cousin.
(I should also mention here that this is a Hispanic man in his 50s, smells like he's been drinking since last Tuesday, sounded like he was near a heart attack, and carrying a pint of Vodka in his back pocket. Did I mention I'm on a 10am train?)

Friend: Do you think there's a law saying you have to wear a flower in your hair when you go to San Francisco?
Me:, I don't think so.
Friend: Well there should be.

Friend: You ever watch Three's Company?
Me: Yeah I used to watch that show all the time.
Friend: Jack is such an asshole.
Me: Alright.
Friend: What about Jeopardy? You watch that?
Me: Not really.
Friend: Well if you did you'd know what a jerk Alex is too.

Friend: (after seeing my protruding belly) Oh, you're pregnant?
Me: Yes.
Friend: You're never gonna believe this. (long pause and looks around to make sure no one else hears) I am too. So we have that in common.
Me: Oh alright. That's cool.

15 seconds later.....
Friend: Remember when I told you I was pregnant a long time ago?
Me: Yes.....
Friend: I was lying. I don't know why I told you that.

He left to go make new friends before I got off. I made eye contact with the girl across the aisle from me and we just started cracking up. She tells me "sorry, I know he didn't smell good and that probably wasn't very fun for you but that was awesome." Yes, yes it was.

I love riding the train.

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