Friday, September 23, 2011

Where is Friendship Lane?

I really wish I could tell you. Ideally....Friendship Lane is the street I live on with all my favorite people. My friends from college and I have always talked about this magical place that we would some day live. We would live on that magical Lane and grow our families there. We would have backyard BBQs, drink sweet tea in our rocking chairs on the front porch while watching storms blow in, talk out our life problems while drinking too much wine, debate over who is the better wizard - Dumbledore or Snape, join an all women's slow pitch league and win national titles, go streaking every now and then just to prove we still can, tell the same stories over and over again and make new ones, and watch our kids grow up and marry each other so we're officially family forever. Perhaps our toilets would be made of gold too.

You can see why this is a very hard place to find.

You see Friendship Lane is really just a state of mind. Although we may never actually live on that extremely unrealistic blissfull lane, we will always be friends. And if it's one thing I've learned about friends in the last 5's that you don't need to talk to them or see them every day or even once a month to have a connection with them. The good friendships...and I'm talking about the really really good ones here...will pick up exactly where you left off when you want/need them to. I have no idea how I got lucky enough to have so many more good friendships than I ever had bad.....but holy balls did this girl luck out.

So to all of my fellow Friendship Laners out there, old and new.......thank you so much for "living" with me and Chad on our Friendship Lane.


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Missy said...

Very good blogs Brooke! I'm very impressed! They brought several smiles to my face which I expected of you sense you always do whether right down the road or all the way across the country. Of course yours was the first blog I ever read. All I know about them I learned on Julie and Julia.